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Airport related issues

Created: 2014.02.27 / Updated: 2014.09.03 14:16

Access to the VIP Facilities

The right to use the VIP lounge at the Vilnius International Airport free of charge is regulated by the Government Resolution No.1592 "On approval of the order of operating the flights carrying very important persons" of 6 December, 2004 and its amendments.

A written request with the following information shall be submitted to the Protocol Department of the Ministry:

  • the date and time of arrival/departure of the VIP, the number of flight, names and status of the members of the delegation, persons welcoming the VIP and seeing him/her off, the type and model of the vehicles coming to the airport, their number plates, and the names of the drivers entering the airport territory.

Persons not listed in the Resolution mentioned above may use the VIP lounge and pay for the facility according to the Vilnius International Airport pricelist. In this case, requests for the use of the VIP lounge should be submitted to the to the Airport authorities by the Embassies by e-mail [email protected] or fax: +370 5 230 6613.

The Ministry wishes to remind that the Airport authorities are responsible for safe operation of flights and thus impose certain requirements. Official delegations departing by regular flights shall undergo security screening, except the limited number of very high officials, i.e. the Head of State, the Head of Government, the Speaker of the Parliament, etc. Delegations departing by private plane could be exempted from security screening unless the pilot or the delegation itself requires to be screened.


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Transfer of diplomatic mail

The procedure of delivering or receiving diplomatic mail in the Vilnius International Airport does not require any special cards to be possessed by the members of the Missions to perform their duties. Any member of the Mission can be authorized by the Head of Mission to act as a diplomatic courier. However, it is requested to inform the appropriate Airport authorities in advance about the Mission’s intention to deliver or to receive diplomatic mail.

The procedure of transferring diplomatic mail depends on its weight and size:

  1. Where the weight does not exceed 10 kg and size – 70x30x42 cm, the service is provided by the ground handling companies at the Airport:
Company: GHC „Baltic ground service“ (BGS)
Phones: (5) 252 5010, (5) 252 5592
Fax: (5) 252 5007
The service is provided for the airlines: Aeroflot, Air Lituanica, Avion Express, Brussels Airlines, Finnair, LOT, Transaero, Turkish Airlines, UIA, Wizzair
Company: GHC „Litcargus"
Phones: (5) 232 9292, (5) 232 9290
Fax: (5) 210 6369
The service is provided for the airlines: Austrian airlines, Air Baltic, EL AL, Estonian Air, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air, Polet Airlines, Ryanair, SAS, UTair
  1. Where the weight exceeds 10 kg and size – 70x30x42 cm, the diplomatic consignment is carried through the cargo terminal. The service is provided by the same companies mentioned above.

Under a written request of the Mission, the ground handling companies mentioned above inform the aviation security service that the diplomatic mail shall be delivered/received. It is requested to provide the information at least one day prior to the flight.

An authorised member of the Mission shall arrive to the Airport at least 45 min. before the departure and 20 min. before the arrival of the aircraft, to the cargo terminal - 60 min. before the departure of the aircraft in order to undergo the security procedure. After completion of the procedure, the member of the Mission will be escorted to the aircraft and back.


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Flight permission

Flights of the state aircrafts of foreign states to, from or over the territory of the Republic of Lithuania shall be performed upon the permission. The application for the flight shall be submitted through the diplomatic channels to the Protocol Department by fax: +370 5 2362 462. After the working hours and during the weekends the application shall be submitted to the Lithuanian Air Force by fax: +370 37 399027, and a copy – to the Protocol Department.

Rules of applying

  1. The Mission requesting permission for the flight shall submit a filled in Application Form (Annex 10) not later than 5 working days before the planned flight. The permit is valid 4 hours before the planned departure time and 48 hours after the planned departure time.
  2. The states which are in possession of the permanent diplomatic clearance should submit a request for the flight by filling in the European Union Diplomatic Clearance Form (Annex 11). This application should be submitted one working day before the flight and only in the following cases:
  • for flights with a VIP on board if landing in the airports of the Republic of Lithuania,
  • for flights carrying Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare equipment.

Please note that the Permanent diplomatic clearance does not cover flights carrying International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)/ International Air Transport Association (IATA) non-compliant dangerous goods. The request to execute such a flight should be submitted not later than 6 working days before the flight.


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Airport passes

Permanent permissions to the limited access areas of the Vilnius International Airport (hereinafter – the airport passes) are issued by the Aviation Security Department of the Vilnius International Airport. Airport passes can be issued to members of the Mission who need frequent access to the restricted areas of the airport due to their official functions, e.g. to deal with the diplomatic bag, to provide consular assistance to their citizens, etc.

The request to issue the airport passes, signed by the Head of Mission, shall include the list of persons indicating their names, position at the Embassy, and motivation of necessity for each of them to enter the restricted areas of the airport. There must be an official confirmation that a person applying for the airport pass is of unimpeachable reputation according to Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 of Paragraph 5 of Article 66 of the Aviation Law of the Republic of Lithuania (Žin., 2000, Nr. 94-2918).

The following documents shall be attached to the official request:

  • a copy of accreditation (ID) card, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • a filled-in “Application form for permanent Personal pass of SE Vilnius International Airport” (in English or Lithuanian).

The forms are available at the Aviation Security Department of the Vilnius International Airport. Documents required for obtaining the airport passes shall be submitted to the Director of the Aviation  Security Department (address: Rodūnios kelias 10A, LT- 02189, Vilnius, Lithuania).

The compulsory aviation security awareness training (approx. 4 hours) is organized for the members of Missions after the decision to provide them with the airport passes. A short test follows the training. Training could be organized in Lithuanian, English or Russian languages.

The airport passes are issued in one month after the application is submitted and are valid for three years. In order to renew the Airport passes the same procedure as described above applies.

For more detailed information the Ministry advises to contact directly the Aviation Security Department of the Vilnius International Airport (tel.: + 370 5 2739 323, fax: +370 5 2306010, e-mail: [email protected]


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